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Lost in a sea of yarn and needles. Lusting after handmade socks and all things lacy


Stupid Place part II and Socks of course

Ladies, I am here to tell you, you can access the Stupid place without a 20 pound cat. All it takes is a double portion of very garlicky Shrimp Scampi and two very large Caribbean Sunset Pina Coladas :-P My daughter and I went off for the day Saturday shopping. We were high in the way, only woman can be who have stuffed the trunk of the car with BARGAINS. We decided to reward ourselves with lunch. Not some nasty quickie food. We wanted wait staff and food. hehehe. The only place near by was a Red Lobster. As we waited for a seat, we spotted large pictures of Caribbean Sunset Pina Coladas. hmmmmmmmmm, looked good to us. Got seated, ordered our drinks and dived into the menu. We both had double orders of Garlic Shrimp Scampi. Burp!!Burp!!Burp!! Very good. And you know those drinks went down so smoothly, why not another one. It was at this point the portal to The Stupid Place opened. We called home, and in fits of giggles announced we were knocking back Pina Coladas at Red Lobster and forget dinner as we were stuffed. The worried voice on the other end of the phone wondered how we planned to drive home? Ha! had it covered. We were laughing so hard, we were drawing strange looks from other dinners and the wait staff. Wiser minds decided that a third drink might mean spending the night in Hampton. We leave Red Lobster. Go back to the mall, and Macy's, we are still giggling . The sales help at Macy's got garlic breath for their trouble. Which for some reason we thought was funny. I was trying on jeans, and Dawn tells me "Mom you have an ass, flaunt it!" I looked over my shoulder to see if I could find it. Must have been someone else's Mom :-D
My daughter grabs my hand and drags me out of Macy's and off to a Starbucks, where she declares we are having a time out. I found this funny. So funny I called home to announce we were in Starbucks, having a time out. All I heard was GAWDS PUT DAWN ON. Mz Schoolteacher advises that she really thinks I NEED A TIMEOUT. Excuse me I am not 11. It was alright in the end. We had coffee and dessert (like we needed that) wandered around for a few hours and made it home safely. Two things that made this work. I bought home dinner for the stay at home and also got him a few new shirts. So he never noticed the huge bag that had my name on it.

The yarn for the socks is from Fearless Fibers and indie dyer at Esty Fearless Fibers A thicker fingering weight or a skinny sportsweight. Very soft very cushy. Slight changes in the color don't compete with the pattern. The pattern is from Nancy Bush's Vintage Socks. Evening Socks. I didn't want knee socks, so I just used the lace pattern on the leg over 60 stitches. The cuff is shorter then the pattern, because the leg is shorter. I am repeating the P1, K 5 cuff for the heel flap. With a seed stitch border. The lace pattern is super easy, actually only two rows of lace the rest of the rows are the P1, K5. I made a mistake. My fault knitting and boozing are probably not a good combination. I was going to frog back the two rows to fix it. But I decided to leave the mistake there, as a reminder of when Dawn and I took a trip to the Stupid Place together.
This is closer to the actual color.

The beginning of the heel flap


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Anonymous dootjee Says:

Wow, what a wonderfull Layout!

Blogger junior_goddess Says:

Hee-hee. Now that DD is sober, ask if you are still supposed to flaunt your ass.

Why not?

Blogger Joan Says:

Knitting & boozing...ROFL! I would love to do that but my houseguests are either drinking non-knitters or sober knitters. Sigh. I ned better company.

Blogger benne Says:

OMG! That sounds like such fun! I want to come be in the stupid place with you and Dawn.

Blogger Suzann Says:

LOL Ladies I wish we could all have so adult beverage knitting. Dawn doesn't knit, but she is good at inducing giggles.
Bets as she is now sober, she said I need to "grow" more ass so I would have something to flaunt. :-}


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