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Lost in a sea of yarn and needles. Lusting after handmade socks and all things lacy


So Easy So Much Fun

Unlike the red lace sock this one is a joy. Well it is a six stitch pattern repeat instead of 13 stitch repeat. Less chance for me to go zombie in the middle of a row. If anyone wants a pattern that is easy to do and just flows, I would be glad to post this one up.
Meilenweit Colortweed 1004 from Astrids
Needle size 2.25mm.
I cast on 64 stitches for the ribbing. Did about 2 inches give or take a bit. Then two rows of plain knitting, while I moved the beginning/ end of the middle of the back of the sock. I only needed 60 stitches for the pattern, so I deleted the extra 4 stitches over the two knit rounds. And started the pattern. I tell you this pattern is like eating potato chips. You just keep going and going. I knit the leg 7 inches before the heel flap. Since I wasn't going to continue the pattern down the instep, I stop about 4 rows before the heel flap. This was to keep the YO away from the pick up gusset stitches. Did the heel, and gusset reduced down to 64 stitches. To give a bit of ease over the instep. I kept the extra 4 stitches until almost up to the toe.
Knitted the foot and did a round toe. I am half way down the leg of the second sock. Wheeeeeeeeeeee like flying :-}
A word about the yarn. Meilenweit is a commercial yarn that feels like twine when you knit it. Very firm and sort of rough. But wash that puppy and it just puffs up and is smooth and soft. The pattern would show up really nicely in a solid yarn. It is a bit hidden by the stripes. I don't care. It is fun. And I don't have any bright green and blue socks. I am trying to get out of my netural "safe" mode and live a little with some color.

stripy feet :-P

If you can K 2tog and SSK and YO you can make these socks. I like SKpsso cause I find it relaxing to do on small needles. But either one works.

I know some of you are doing the sock exchange and I am going to post a list of patterns that are available online. They look good and if you have never done patterned socks these are a good place to start. And fun to do.

I think I am getting a cold or something. I am freezing (it is 82 in the house) I can't taste anything and I feel a bit tired. Maybe a wee lay down is due.


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Blogger Grace Yaskovic Says:

pretty pretty sock love the colors, and please feel better, we don't want you to have a spring cold!

Blogger smariek Says:

What a pretty way to keep feet warm. I still have yet to knit my first pair of socks...

Blogger Joan Says:

That is a fabulous sock! I love the pattern. Speaking of which, thank you so much for the links to all the great kids' sweater pattern. I cast one on today and am mid-way up the body.

Blogger junior_goddess Says:

I think they are gorgeous!

Blogger jayne Says:

I really like those, and yes, I want to try something more patterned than just plain (my typical flavour) for the sock exchange.

I was thinking of buying Favorite Socks. Do you recommend it?

Or...I could do one of the patterns you've selected. Would I enjoy the potato-chip socks? I love to eat potato chips. ;)


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