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Lost in a sea of yarn and needles. Lusting after handmade socks and all things lacy


I'm In Love

I love love love this pattern. I wish I could wear it. Maybe if I got the arm weights out :-} I love the rose leaves around the shoulder. I love the fancy ribbing down the front. I love it
This pattern is from Elsebeth Lavold Knitting Book #4 Silky Tweed Silky Wool. I can't imagine doing a summer top in Silky Wool, no matter how wonderful a yarn it is.


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Anonymous Les Says:

Oh, I agree, that is sooo pretty! Nice shape too. I am knitting with that yarn right now and it is lighter than many cottons!
I wouldn't be wearing it either tho because of the arm thing and the beautiful lace wouldn't show if you wore something over it, would it. Drat!

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Suzann, I say go for it! I understand completely about the arm thing, but I wear mine mostly under jackets. I made this last year, and have enough yarn for two more. I love this top! The pattern is easy, but I believe there is one small correction to it since the book was printed. Next time, I will make it in the round. Silky Wool really isn't heavy at all. My only issue with it, is that it is mildy itchy for me. I get more compliments on this top than most others I have knit. You can see my version in 2006 Finished Objects.

Anonymous benne Says:

Oh, that is just gorgeous! I want one, no, I want several. What if we just took some tape and made a nice little pleat on the underside of our arms? Then we just have to remember to never raise our arms. I have to go look at Trish's. Oh, I really want this top! I think I'll risk the over 50 arm flap. ;-}

Blogger Suzann Says:

Trish yours is beautiful. Benne, I was thinking of Icording my upper arms :P
I wonder Les if some cap type sleeves could be added to it. And I wonder what Elann has that could be substituted for the Silky Wool. Trish has me all jazzed up for this.

Blogger Having a Knit Fitt Says:

What a great top. Perfect detailing. Don't worry about your arms, everyone will be concentrating on the sweater. And, what, you don't want to wear silky wool here in Virginia in the Summer? Can't imagine why, ha ha.

Blogger jayne Says:

That is just lovely. Yeah, don't worry about the arms, concentrate on the top. Think how good you'll feel wearing it.

Blogger junior_goddess Says:

First off, I know that upper arm exercises are tricky for you-they had some at T-Tapp that you can download. Might want to have a look.

Secondly, how about Sonata or Mille Fiori? I totally agree about the Silky Wool.

Blogger CatBookMom Says:

Did you just happen to notice that the yarn of the day tomorrow at Elann is Silky Wool in autumny shades???

I'm one of many who have more upper arm than one woman needs, but I'm getting a little more comfortable showing them in public. So you're not alone.

Blogger Gryffinitter Says:

What about adding sleeves? I have the book Knitting from the top down, by Barbara Walker, and it has instructions for knitting sleeves into a finished armhole...maybe that would work.
I love it too. Do you recall how much yarn it took?



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