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Lost in a sea of yarn and needles. Lusting after handmade socks and all things lacy


Wee Tiny Socks part II

This has been a hoot. The damn things are very addictive. So I was thinking wouldn't it be nice to swap every month. By the holidays you should have twelve or so. They would make cute holiday decorations, a garland or package trims. If you give socks away, the tiny ones would be a reminder of what a certain yarn looks and feels like knitted.
Maybe I have gone over the tiny edge, ya never know. It was really really nice to knit with small needles again. I have been knitting chunky stuff for Dulaan and CIC since before the holidays. I thought I might have lost my 2.00mm mojo

The bigger sock is Socks that Rock on size 2.25mm needles. The really tiny one is JoJoland sock yarn on 2.00mm needles. That .25mm makes a big difference. The smaller sock is 2 inches from cuff to heel. The larger one is 3 inches. Should have put something next to them for comparison.
I am not loving the STR. The yarn twists. Maybe it was me when I wound it into a ball. Nor do I love the colors. I think I am swearing off ordering handpainted/dyed yarns online. They never look like I think they are going to look. Except for the JOJOland, which looked better then I thought it would.

Sock as a finger puppet

Go forward wee socks and give someone a giggle :-}


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Anonymous loriticajane Says:

~whew~ It's nice to know that I am not the only one that was doing crazy wee sock puppets. I made two yesterday, started on another today. I just can't seem to stop. =)


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