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Lost in a sea of yarn and needles. Lusting after handmade socks and all things lacy


It's Fun, It's Small, It's Madness

Yes folks it is the Wee Sock Exchange. One tincy sock is all you need to knit. Stuff it in an envelope and send it off to you swap partner. I truely understand the pull of the small. Having knit ballband earrings on size 000 needles. hehehe so this project had me written all over it. Well it would have if the socks weren't tiny :-)
Hope over to Yarn Miracle and get in on the fun. Cause ya know this time of year we are all going a bit bonkers between the weather and unending sick people. You just need to burst out and do something loony.
My long absence is due to my daughter bringing home some kind of middle school flu of I Wish I Could Die illness. I am beginning to believe the Japanese have the right idea, wearing masks. Also putting students into Hazmat suits might be an option :-}We could knit them fun fur scarves to wear over the suits. Years ago ladies never went out without gloves on. The gloves protected your hands from nasty germs (of course that wasn't why they were worn) Woman often knitted or crocheted their own gloves. And they were thrown into a basin of hot water at the end of the day and hung over the shower bar. Between the hose hanging over the shower bar and the gloves, taking a shower involved a lot of weaving and dodging. No wonder Mom, kept the colds at bay.
I digress check out the Wee Sock Exchange>>>>>> sidebar. After all the sick people, I am desperately looking forward to some quick madness.
No knitting, unless you would like to see the 35 short row heels I tried to make, that have holes (of varying sizes, from Supermassive black hole size, to pin pricks) No I think I will spare you that. I just don't have the short row heel gene.


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Blogger jayne Says:

Glad you're back. Hope the nasty flu travels far far away from your house.

The Wee Tiny Sock idea is pretty funny. I'm almost tempted. I don't think I own size 0 needles.

I appreciated your advice about the KP dye your own sock yarn. I like their wool of the andes worsted for all the practising I'm doing. I bought the bag over a year ago, thinking I would do an aran sweater in natural, and it didn't happen, so now it's getting the guinea pig treatment as I learn what does what.

I did order some undyed sock yarn from a place that seemed to have a good reputation called Wool 2Dye4. They had what looked like some very good quality stuff. I got some basic merino, but I think it will be nice.

Blogger Karin Says:

Glad things are getting back to normal for you. Flu is just so nasty, hope this is it for the season. I laughed when I read about your "lack of short row gene". I have these moments when I feel the same. But really, I love flap heels, so I guess I'll just keep on converting the patterns :).


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