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Lost in a sea of yarn and needles. Lusting after handmade socks and all things lacy


I'm In Love

I love love love this pattern. I wish I could wear it. Maybe if I got the arm weights out :-} I love the rose leaves around the shoulder. I love the fancy ribbing down the front. I love it
This pattern is from Elsebeth Lavold Knitting Book #4 Silky Tweed Silky Wool. I can't imagine doing a summer top in Silky Wool, no matter how wonderful a yarn it is.


Isn't She Lovely

The is the Wee Tiny Sock I received from my swap partner Cindy Not only is it perfectly knitted but is topped by a beautiful Iridescent bead. It really sets this sock apart for anything I have done. Also I love the hot pink envelope and the great note card. In other words I love it all :-}

Benne's Sock part I

I went to the Orthopedist yesterday. Sitting in the waiting room a young woman came in with a child of about 4 or 5. I was working on Benne's second sock. Lots of times kids are fascinated by knitting or the colors and want to touch or ask questions. The kiddie heads to my side of the room, grabs the sock and yells at the top of her voice I WANT THIS I removed the toddler hand from my knitting and offered her some yarn. She threw it on the ground and went into Toxic Dump mode. This was beyond screaming to the upper level of screech mode. Dolphins out at sea looked up to see what the racket was about. Stamping her legs up and down she kept Screaming I WANT IT, I WANT IT, I WANT IT So I put the knitting away in my bag and put the bag behind me on on the chair. I believe the kid breaths through her rump cause she never stopped to breath. Her mother looks up from People Magazine and whines across to me. "Just let her hold it for awhile." I explained that the needles were very sharp and she could get hurt and more importantly to me at least was that she could pull the needles out of the sock. Mom shrugged her shoulders and went back to People. I then said something to this child, which she has probably never heard before. I am amazed they didn't call Child Protective Services. I said NO and go sit down you are loud and annoying. DO IT NOW. I would love to say it worked, but it didn't. :-{

Benne's Sock part II

Having escaped the hope of America to the examining room, I was told they were waiting for the results of my MIR. Ahem I only had it taken two weeks ago. More knitting. Good thing it was freezing in there. Doctor comes in tells me he is sending me to a sports doctor. I am still ROTFLMAO, cause I am about as un-sporty as it is possible to be. I have to have a Arthroscopy. Oh joy. At least I get to watch. The doctor asks what I am knitting. I show him the completed sock. Doctor loses mind over sock. Rubs sock on face. And then he rips off his shoe and sock and tires it ON. Has the world gone mad??? It doesn't really fit him (he is a short guy with small feet) He loves the heel, he loves to colors, he loves the pattern. He wants to know what I am going to do with the finished socks.(hint hint hint) Hahaha, you ain't getting them ace.
Benne I promise to wash it twice before I send it off to you. Gawds. If I didn't have to launder the sock twice I would be sending them off to you tomorrow. I am down to knitting with the yarn from my swatch. Scary


Say a little prayer for Bets

Bets and I seem to think the way to bring in spring is to get an MIR. She has had two of them. I had on and upped the anty to include an ultrasound Go tell her to get well soon. Infected sinuses are awful and very painful. Not even getting to wear a smart eye patch makes up for the pain.
My problem isn't painful. I have congestive heart failure. My left leg has been swelling. When I pointed this out to my doctor he assured me it wasn't my heart, and I didn't have a blood clot. Still it was very worrying. After about 6 months of this I got on his case again. Maybe it was the veiled mention that my nearest and dearest would see him in court if I dropped dead suddenly. I dunno. He sent me for xrays and then for a MIR and then for the Ultra Sound. Now I have appointments with an Orthopedist and my Cardiologist (the one who has been hinting for hand made socks) Next week is going to be busy busy busy. On the upside I can do some knitting in the waiting room. I am Zen about the whole thing.

Dennis Hopper is a Republican. How the hell did that happen. The biggest drughead to float out of the sixties alive is a freakin Republican. He has been seen on TV doing his Mr Cool act for the benefit of some investment company. A company by the way which has been sued by the State of New Jersey for the damaged they did to the state employees retirement fund. Hey Dennis you make me sick.

a fun parody of a Dennis commerical


Ring a Ding

A few images for the new Elannite webring. Created by our hard working WebMama Joan

If you like them, please copy them onto your hard drive.

I will probably do a few more. I used all Elann Highland Wool the backgrounds.


The Lace Mistress

Shui Kuen has allowed me to put up some pictures of her incredible lace work. Folks this is like getting to clean Michaelangelo's brushes :-) It is very picture loaded so get a cup of tea and prepare for some ohhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh and drooling
The lady herself wearing her contest winning Garden Path Shawl

a close up of the edging

The beautiful Birdseye shawl modeled by a friend. I lighten the color a bit so you could see the pattern. It is a deep rich eggplant

The popular Kiri also modeled by a friend


Snow White sans the dwarfs

Even in my dreams lace entrelac does not exist. But Shui Kuen has done it again, beautiful. I hope one day we see a picture of her wearing it.

Ok you can all breath again.


Oh But There Is So Much More

It isn't that I don't trust Blogger, but I thought it would be saver to divide this up into a few posts. I had to resize the pictures. So if there is an area you would like a closer view of, let me know and I will upload that.
I think this shawl is just beautiful

I think these are some of Shui Kuen's best works. They certainly move me to envy :-}

Leaf And Acorn, modeled by a friend.

Close up

A back view

Close up


It's A Tidal Wave Folks

I really am enjoying working this pattern. The yarn is so busy it doesn't show as it should, but I am determined to get rid of the yarn. STR in Dutch Canyon color way on 2.25 needles.
The yarn is nice,tightly spun. But the color is not something I would have picked out in person. Damn the internet.
If you want a sock with a bit of pattern this is for you. Easy to work it just flows. The pattern forms sideways shells that move around the leg. And of course there is a bit of warping of the stocking. Which is probably why the design stops at the ankle. Which is fine with me, I will probably just do a ribbing on the instep. In Barbara Walker's Second Treasury (I think) there is such a sideways curved design called Madeira Lace. BW says that it does not bias. Interesting.
If you are looking for pretty sock yarn, in colors that won't make you feel ill, and you won't need to reserve your place in line check out Jayne's Fab Yarn
Winter is back. While Joan is getting ready to be buried in snow, we have rain and cold again. Thank you Norse gods of weather, I love the cold and hate the heat and humidly of summer

Half way down the leg

Pattern:Tidal Wave
Yarn: Socks That Rock, Dutch Canyon
Needles: Beloved INOX grays 2.25


Just Silly

I ordered a bunch of these key rings. Just for fun ya know. I am feeling a bit silly these days. Brain meltdown maybe.
The keyrings are really nice and come with a great pattern. Not sure how practical a tiny sock on a key ring will be. I expect the demon purse will eat it alive.
The folks were great to deal with and my key rings arrived promptly. If you want some for yourself go here felt up designs

This is my dd St Patrick's Day key ring. Knitting as fun


Wee Tiny Sock part III

A friend asked me to make a pair of tiny socks in the Glasgow Rangers Football (soccer) colors. I asked very carefully just what the colors were. Black with a red turn over I was told. So I cast on for the cuff in red and this morning I considered just how a big a cuff would be needed. Google, no close up sock pictures. I proceeded to knit a cuff long enough to fold over and moved on the the leg of the sock. On nailing down my friend I was told "Ah well they just have a small strip this season" gaaaaahhhhhh Men!
The second is a St Patricks day pin for my daughter. Some old Opal. I now remember why the original socks never got finished. Every so often there were long stretches of white yarn. The pattern didn't continue. Opal can do things to me that make me want to bang my head against a wall. Sort of like a 3yr old asking "Why" over and over.
The black and red is Diwa on 2.00mm It will be longer as it is supposed to be a knee sock. Clearly a more dedicated football fan would shape the leg. Dream on Paul :-P


Wee Tiny Socks part II

This has been a hoot. The damn things are very addictive. So I was thinking wouldn't it be nice to swap every month. By the holidays you should have twelve or so. They would make cute holiday decorations, a garland or package trims. If you give socks away, the tiny ones would be a reminder of what a certain yarn looks and feels like knitted.
Maybe I have gone over the tiny edge, ya never know. It was really really nice to knit with small needles again. I have been knitting chunky stuff for Dulaan and CIC since before the holidays. I thought I might have lost my 2.00mm mojo

The bigger sock is Socks that Rock on size 2.25mm needles. The really tiny one is JoJoland sock yarn on 2.00mm needles. That .25mm makes a big difference. The smaller sock is 2 inches from cuff to heel. The larger one is 3 inches. Should have put something next to them for comparison.
I am not loving the STR. The yarn twists. Maybe it was me when I wound it into a ball. Nor do I love the colors. I think I am swearing off ordering handpainted/dyed yarns online. They never look like I think they are going to look. Except for the JOJOland, which looked better then I thought it would.

Sock as a finger puppet

Go forward wee socks and give someone a giggle :-}


It's Fun, It's Small, It's Madness

Yes folks it is the Wee Sock Exchange. One tincy sock is all you need to knit. Stuff it in an envelope and send it off to you swap partner. I truely understand the pull of the small. Having knit ballband earrings on size 000 needles. hehehe so this project had me written all over it. Well it would have if the socks weren't tiny :-)
Hope over to Yarn Miracle and get in on the fun. Cause ya know this time of year we are all going a bit bonkers between the weather and unending sick people. You just need to burst out and do something loony.
My long absence is due to my daughter bringing home some kind of middle school flu of I Wish I Could Die illness. I am beginning to believe the Japanese have the right idea, wearing masks. Also putting students into Hazmat suits might be an option :-}We could knit them fun fur scarves to wear over the suits. Years ago ladies never went out without gloves on. The gloves protected your hands from nasty germs (of course that wasn't why they were worn) Woman often knitted or crocheted their own gloves. And they were thrown into a basin of hot water at the end of the day and hung over the shower bar. Between the hose hanging over the shower bar and the gloves, taking a shower involved a lot of weaving and dodging. No wonder Mom, kept the colds at bay.
I digress check out the Wee Sock Exchange>>>>>> sidebar. After all the sick people, I am desperately looking forward to some quick madness.
No knitting, unless you would like to see the 35 short row heels I tried to make, that have holes (of varying sizes, from Supermassive black hole size, to pin pricks) No I think I will spare you that. I just don't have the short row heel gene.