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Lost in a sea of yarn and needles. Lusting after handmade socks and all things lacy


Great News

I pestered anyone who had the Elann Puzzle yarn in their stash at Ravelry. I have no shame. I pleaded charity knitting, I begged, I threw freezing children into their minds. A wonderful lady LisaknitsinGAanswered me. She was glad to get rid of the yarn and I was glad to buy it. I have the yarn at hand now. I am going to frog the front down to the ribbing. Then add the new yarn so the front and back match. For the sleeves I think I will stick to just the blue on blue sock yarn. And I will be so glad to sew that puppy up. I have till Oct. to get it done.
In the mean time I have been knitting socks for the RavOlympics. These are also for A4A Youth push. Patons Classic Merino in the brightest colors I could find. I am using
stitchesofviolet sock generator. Works like a charm. It is based on a percentage system. Sort of like EZ. I cast on 40 stitches. 1/3 of the cast on amount for the ribbing then the remaining 2/3 for the leg. One third for the heel flap and the remaining 2/3 for the foot. This system will also work on adult socks in fingering weight yarn. The only thing I would do different for an adult sock is to make sure to measure for the heel flap and adjust the rows knitted for that. I knitted the heel flap on the kids socks a bit longer. If it is too large the sock will bunch up around the ankle. But if the heel flap is too short, the sock will pull under the foot and be uncomfortable and wear out more quickly.
The green pair are knit plain. Eye of The Partridge heel stitch, with a garter stitch edge. The toe is a bastard version of round toe. It took me a day to do each sock. But I am a really slow knitter. People are knocking out a pair in a day.

The Hot Pink sock (It is s truly eye blinding pink) is Garter Rib with the same heel as the green pair. I should finish this tonight and cast on for the second one.

Thank you everyone for you suggestions on fixing the sweater yarn debacle. I really appreciate it :-)


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Blogger smariek Says:

Yay on finding the yarn you needed.

Blogger junior_goddess Says:

Yay for eye-blinding pink socks! Gotta LOVE those!!!

Blogger CatBookMom Says:

The socks look great - I love how fast they go when you're using worsted! BTW - I followed the 'Stitches of Violet' sock calculator link and didn't find anything on her blog that had that. I tried Google too, but no luck. Have you got a full URL for the calculator?

You do SO much for A4A, I am a bit ashamed of the little I do for charity these days.

Blogger Joan Says:

Isn't Ravelry the best? I knew you wouldn't be able to let that sweater go with the close-but-no-cigar yarn. lol


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