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Lost in a sea of yarn and needles. Lusting after handmade socks and all things lacy


sonata samples

originally uploaded by Suzann.
Sonato Prints from Elann.com. I worked this on size 6 needles over 28 stitches. I wanted to see how the colors worked out. The yarn is crisp and the colors luminous, especially the greens and blues. From top to bottom
Southwest Sunset
Cypress Grove
Rose Garden
Sea Shell

I haven't managed to get gauge yet, might need to go down to a size 5 needle. But I did get gauge doing the mitered squared pattern


Mason Dixon Baby Kimono

A close up of the eyelet detail. I continued the eyelets down the front past the increase area, by doing K2tog YO. When I was about 20 garter rows from the bottom, I did a row of eyelets, K2 tog YO. Leaving four stitches plain at the side seams. Then around 8 rows to the bottom bind off. I has slipped the last stitch on each row, for a clean edge that matched the crochet cast on. If I had thought of it, I would have done the same eyelet edge on the sleeves. The YO are 2 stitches from the edge.
When wet this thing is so heavy it qualifies as a toddler restraining device.
Nice and soft. Now to hunt up a baby to gift it to.


Time Out From Our Regularly Scheduled Sock

originally uploaded by Suzann.
This is the Baby Kimono from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I used Bernat Cotton Tots. I used the crochet cast on and slipped the last stitch of each row, to give a neater finished to the end of each row. And to match the bind offs at the neck and later the hem. I did the yo two stitches from the edge in hopes of keeping a bit of stability to the finished garment. When I do this pattern again, I will do a YO, K2tog at the hem and the sleeve edge, so all the edges match.
I am having a lot of trouble working with the cotton yarn. It seems each stitch is a struggle. I switched to some metal needles which I think work better, I just wish I had a circular needle in the correct size.
It is an easy knit aside from the cotton yarn, and looks really cute. I am going to skip the ribbon ties and use snaps. If I can drive snaps into the thick cotton. If not I will use a flat button.
Measurements so far
Across the back 9 inches
Length from neck to bottom 6 1/2 inches
Length of sleeve from neck edge 7 inches
This is unblocked and mindful that my row gauge is always off.


Chinese Lace

Many of us devoted Barbara Walker Treasuries lovers have used the odd pattern to create a knit item. We may have fiddled a bit with the pattern to make it fit our gauge or project. But few have gone to the extent that Angela at Knititude has. She has taken what is already a complex lace pattern (2 charts friends for this one stitch pattern) and created several beautiful variations on a theme. The last one she posted which combines ribbing and the Chinese lace stitch is pure perfection. Go look.

I can hardly wait to see how the completed sweater looks on her. I love how it looks so far. And to be honest it looks a damn sight better then a lot of the faux funk or urban young cool that is thrown at us in magazines as uber original and fresh.

Nice to see a creative brain at work


Milanese Lace

Oh lord I think I'm in love. I had seen this pattern one of the Barbara Walker's Treasuries and thought it might make a great sock pattern. The pattern spirals around and it is noted it works well in circular knits. But I never got any further then thinking about it. The new MagKnits is out and there is the Milanese Lace pattern. This may become Penn's socks. I will see if she likes the pattern. As given the pattern is toe up, but I am a cuff down kinda girl. So I will go with my basic sock and use the pattern stitch. If the socks were for me, I might give toe up a shot. But I want them to be really nice as they are a gift.

Check out the rest of the Magknits patterns, and look back at the archived patterns. The very popular Jaywalker sock came from Magknits.