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Lost in a sea of yarn and needles. Lusting after handmade socks and all things lacy


Say a little prayer for Bets

Bets and I seem to think the way to bring in spring is to get an MIR. She has had two of them. I had on and upped the anty to include an ultrasound Go tell her to get well soon. Infected sinuses are awful and very painful. Not even getting to wear a smart eye patch makes up for the pain.
My problem isn't painful. I have congestive heart failure. My left leg has been swelling. When I pointed this out to my doctor he assured me it wasn't my heart, and I didn't have a blood clot. Still it was very worrying. After about 6 months of this I got on his case again. Maybe it was the veiled mention that my nearest and dearest would see him in court if I dropped dead suddenly. I dunno. He sent me for xrays and then for a MIR and then for the Ultra Sound. Now I have appointments with an Orthopedist and my Cardiologist (the one who has been hinting for hand made socks) Next week is going to be busy busy busy. On the upside I can do some knitting in the waiting room. I am Zen about the whole thing.

Dennis Hopper is a Republican. How the hell did that happen. The biggest drughead to float out of the sixties alive is a freakin Republican. He has been seen on TV doing his Mr Cool act for the benefit of some investment company. A company by the way which has been sued by the State of New Jersey for the damaged they did to the state employees retirement fund. Hey Dennis you make me sick.

a fun parody of a Dennis commerical


for this post

Blogger jayne Says:

Dennis Hopper is an ass. Thanks for the videos. I love when the anti-marketing forces jump into the ring. Have you ever read the mag Adbusters?

Blogger AngusThermopile Says:

Suzann your legs look good swollen or otherwise. ;)

Blogger AngusThermopile Says:

Oh and where's my socks eh?

Blogger Suzann Says:

I have seen Adbusters Jayne :-D Shove it to them is what I say. As I understand it, the Republicans would like to hijack Neil Young's Rockin in the Free World. go figure.

Thanks Angus, I rather not have a swollen leg. Jeez where are your socks? As I remember it YOU don't want anything hand knitted. :P I did hot link a smile from the Gap. Its only bandwidth after all :-P

Blogger AngusThermopile Says:

Knitting, what sort of weirdo would do that? :p

Anyway I know what sort of strange colour combinations you sock knitters use. Variegated yarn is for people too lazy to make a proper pattern and looks silly. I know what I'm talking about cos I don't knitt :p

If you must make me some make them a nice single colour of brown or grey or something with my initials on the soul so I'll know it's my feet.

Blogger Suzann Says:

Keep it up Thermopile and I will put something on your soul. Or did you mean sole :P
Knitting takes a bit more skill then playing Grand Theft Auto.
Where is my template??? go do something useful

Anonymous benne Says:

Hey, Suzann, is this related to that spider for hell bite you had last year? Good luck with all the tests, and just because you're in a shorty gown that opens in the back, don't let them push you around. ;-}

I hope you can forgive me my silly outburst the other day. I just got so tickled thinking of you in a room full of made knitters getting initiated. I was on the verge of lunacy that day, could you tell??? Your comment was eloquent and descriptive, very classy, girlfriend. :-}

Blogger Suzann Says:

Oh Benne, I love silliness. As you can see from the above Thermopile exchanges. :-) I get fits of being silly that make me laugh like a fool.
Nothing to do with the spider bite.
I injured my knee playing softball years ago. It was just worrying because a swollen left leg can mean the heart is having problems again. I guess I will find out what it is on Weds.
I am onto the second sock, and I am really worried about having enough yarn to finish it. I swear I am sticking to commercial sock yarns from now on

Blogger junior_goddess Says:

Crap. Knew there was a reason I don't play softball.

I get aggravated when celebrities use their status to advance their agendas. We only get one vote a piece, but they get a bigger mike than I do. I also noticed that there aren't a whole lot of Democratic candidates with real jobs. Say what you want about crooked business owners, but at least they created jobs instead of handing out tax dollars.

I am easily confused these days, and was wondering when we got tickets for the space station! ;-)


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