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Lost in a sea of yarn and needles. Lusting after handmade socks and all things lacy


Thanks ladies

Kathy asked me about the climate in Virginia.

Kathy this is the bad news
So, let's plop the center of one of these highs right over the island of Bermuda which is about 800 miles east of Charleston South Carolina. The clockwise rotation of the high will cause air to steadily stream northward from the gulf of Mexico, up across the southeastern part of the US and at times on to New England and beyond before curving eastward out into the Northern Atlantic. So air that may be in Portland Maine on one day, was in Virginia the day before and in the subtropics the day before that. The Bermuda High is one of the many meteorological mechanisms that moves heat away from the tropics, to places where it is not always welcome. Completely unwelcome.

When I lived in California the summers were hot but dry. I miss the weather.
As for cities, well we have some of everything. Richmond is the state capital and is a traditional city with a downtown and lively night life.
Virgina Beach area is bit time Navy town. Very beachy and we have tourists in the summer.No downtown lots of sprawl. Norfolk is a traditional type city with a downtown
opera house and ballet.
Williamsburg is very traditional. The home of William and Mary College and colonial Willimsburg. Beautiful old houses.
Cape Charles is a beautiful water town on the Easter Shore. It has been taken over by retirees from up north keen on waterfront property.
The western part of the state has many lovely cities. Not sure what you are looking for.

Jayne asked of the Red socks were like childbirth, pain forgotten in the joy of the product.
Hahaha, The cuffs were fuzzed up before I finished the foot. I had to wash them 6 times before the color stopped running. They are soft and cushy, I guess this counts for something.

Lisa W & Benne. Thank you both so much for the information about the shots. The swelling has really gone down, but the deep pain in the knee was a bear. It was worse then the knee pain I had before the shot. This is the first shot I have ever had. All these years my knee hurt me, I was given the take two whatever and keep your leg up thing. Under the TMI, I can't seem to stop going to the bathroom. I am guessing this is all the extra fluid in my leg and foot. At least I hope it is :-)
The doctor said that since my knee has never had any treatment, I have gone past anything but knee replacement. I have bone on bone contact. Everything else is gone now. He seemed a bit surprised that my GP had never sent me on for further treatment. I am not surprised as it was this swollen leg that led to the discovery that I had heart failure. If you are a woman, look out for yourself. No one else seems to be paying attention.
This is what the red socks are Supposed to look like, but don't

Thanks for the kind words Joan, Trish, and Grace.


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