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Lost in a sea of yarn and needles. Lusting after handmade socks and all things lacy


Naughty Snowflakes

I thought, mmmmmmm red lace socks. Why not? They have been a bit of a problem. In order to have the lace showing properly you need to knit them tight enough to stretch the pattern out. There is a fine line, which I have not be able to locate, between cutting off circulation to my leg and having the pattern show. The pattern is beautiful but not what I would call a relaxing knit. Still if it was coming out the way I liked I wouldn't really mind. sigh. On the leg, the pattern does show better, but not really all that lacy. Sock one is down to the toe decreases. I have already cast on the cuff for sock two. If I don't start it as soon as sock one is done, I will never finish it.
2x2 ribbing and Eye of The Partridge heel flap. Round toe. If I ever get to the toe that is.
Lorna's Laces. Soft yarn, splity like mad. I had to change to my Addi needles which meant going up to 2.50mm since Addi in its infinite wisdom doesn't make a 2.25mm. And the super pointy INOX was snagging the yarn like mad. Give me a tightly twisted yarn any day for working on small gauge needles. I think I am suffering from a sugar rush, after helping to empty the Easter Basket :-}
Have you ever wanted to do a picot edge on socks or anything? I found a cute faux picot edging at this blog. socks, coffee and a good book


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Blogger CatBookMom Says:

Pretty socks!! The pattern looks very complicated, more than I'm thinking I'm ready for. Maybe I'll be braver after I finish the Horcrux socks. I have so many pretty, lacy sock patterns stored up.... Thanks for the inspiration!

Blogger heidinick Says:

Love the red socks! Do you have a pattern for it?

Blogger jayne Says:

Oh my goodness. See, now this is why I can't really call myself a sock knitter. The truth is that I knit socks. Period. YOU are a sock knitter.

Do you design socks too?

Blogger junior_goddess Says:

I think you'd have to use Esprit or Fascination to get a good lace AND keep your circulation. I think the red snowflakes are purty!


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