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Lost in a sea of yarn and needles. Lusting after handmade socks and all things lacy


Socks and Storms and Things That Go Bump In The Night

The red lace socks are done and on my feet. Nice and warm even with all the holes. The pattern was a bear. It wasn't hard in itself, but not intuitive at least not for me. Every pattern round required attention to the pattern and the chart. The knit rounds were a blessed relief. It was a struggle from beginning to the end. The other problem was that the lace never showed, as it did in the picture at Magknits. The needles I got gauge with created too dense a fabric. The larger needles got a more open pattern, but the fabric was way too flimsy. Usually I do the leg 7 inches before the heel flap. This time I only made it to 5 inches. I just couldn't bear to do anymore. And why I carried the pattern down the instep is beyond me. Drink? who knows. I truly thought the first sock would be the only one in this pattern. I love the color, maybe that drove me on to do the second sock.
This is the first time I used Lorna's Laces yarn. It reminds me of Knit Picks Merino sock yarn. Very soft, very loosely spun. And splitty. My INOX needles consistently split the yarn. The more blunt Addis worked much better, but I still split the yarn. I think the combination of the yarn and the pattern made this a less then wonderful knit.

The Nor'easter passed through and while we only got rain, the little wind we did get after the storm did its thing. I bet Kim got twice as much rain and wind as we did. Hampton/Newport News while only a half hour drive from me always get the worse end of the weather.
So the day AFTER the storm passed, half a 60 foot pine tree dropped on the back fence. I took this picture just after it dropped down, more of the tree is falling down. So the pile is now twice as high. I looked up at the top of the tree and decided that it probably wasn't all that smart stand under the tree :-}

I went to see a new Orthopedist today. This is the doctor who did one of my Mom's knee replacements and did my daughter's hip replacement. He really examined my knee/leg. Recommended a knee replacement. nooooooooooo He admired the red socks, and DID not try to rip them off my feet to try on :-P He gave me a shot (hurt like bloody hell) in the knee. To see if it helps the swelling. And I have to return in 5 weeks.
I am hoping that with the shot, I will be able to drive to the post office tomorrow and mail off the my packages to Grace and Benne. It is a disgrace, they have been sitting on the table for at least a week. Sorry ladies :(

I have shut off the TV I can't stand the constant coverage from Blacksburg. I am getting my news from online. At least I don't have to look at the TV "actors/news persons" emoting the news. god I am such a cynic

By Suzann
On Wednesday, April 18, 2007
At 4/18/2007 11:08:00 AM
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Blogger Grace Yaskovic Says:

no worries about the package, when you get to it you get to it, I too have a bum knee and hip and I very much understand, if I had the health insurance I would definitely replace them --of course I am a big girl and I guess my weight has been the biggest culprit!
I am in NJ and the storm here was horrific, our area had over 9 inches and the river less then 1/2 mile away crested within 10 inches of the flood walls for most of the town but did go over in the lower sections, on the other side we have the reservoir and the overflow was like Niagra, with the Mist and all!!
Take care Suzann and feel better

Blogger Lesley Says:

Good going perservering with the socks. They really are pretty! Great colour!
Bummer about your knee.

Blogger jayne Says:

The socks do look fantastic on your feet though. Is it like childbirth? Do you forget the pain afterward? (I mean about the sock, not the knee).

Hope the shot helps at least.

Anonymous benne Says:

Hey kid, those socks are beautiful! I'm glad they made it through the doctor's visit without getting mauled. I've had those shots in the knees (about once a year for the last several years) and they do hurt like hell. But, they really helped me. Docs said I needed knee replacements in both knees ten years ago. I said, let's wait a bit so I only wear out one pair of replacements since they last about ten years. I figure if it gets bad enough though, I'll go for it. PT really helped along with the shots. That, and the permanent cranky attitude I've got going. Don't worry about mailing those socks. It'll give me time to shave my legs before they get here. HA!

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I live in California. thinking of moving to the east coast. How is the humidity in Va? Also what cities would you recommend visiting?


Blogger Lisa W. Says:

grrrreat sox! is that the rainy day sock pattern from magknits (you probly posted that somewhere earlier but lazy girl that i am, i did not read past the most recent one). I'm making Rainy Days too and am "almost" finished with sock#1. Yours look cozy and cheerful and very very pretty. i feel your pain...i've had steroid shots in the knee and shoulder before and my god...its not the pain of the injection...its the pain that starts 6-8 hours later and lasts for a day that gets you (or at least did me in!) Or are you doing the Synvisc route? i hate surgery and will usually do anything to avoid it....but on the other hand...ya gotta be able to get around and move or else it impacts other aspects of your health. glad you found a relatively "normal" doc instead of one with alarming boundary issues like the last one....(keep yer damn hooves outta my handknit sox already)

Blogger smariek Says:

Your socks are gorgeous!!!

Blogger Joan Says:

How sad those stunning socks had be wasted on an MD consult. ;-(
But they are amazingly beautiful.
I'm also in post-storm chaos, mentally at least.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I LOVE those socks! You are such and inspiration to me. I really hope the injection works for your knee. My brother had his first knee replacement when he was 45 years old. Then he had the other knee done a few years later. Still holding up, and he's in his fifties, now. I'll keep you in my thoughts.


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