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Lost in a sea of yarn and needles. Lusting after handmade socks and all things lacy


On The Tube

First off I can't stand Knitty Gritty for more then 10 minutes. Knitster girrls...barf barf barf.
Instead I am improving my mind watching What Not To Wear and Big Love. I have learned a few things along the way. I need more fitted clothes. The stuff I have swims on me. I lost a lot of weight and haven't gotten a lot of new things. Not even $5000.00 worth of new clothes (an obscene amount of money) is parting me from my Def Leppard tee shirt or my hair. Like most hair stylists, Nick only knows how to cut hair. He and the make up women give lectures to victims, umm clients about "holding onto long hair as a security blanket" Strangely both the show host Stacy and the make up lady have long hair. Strange doings. He cuts their hair and stuffs it full of as he says "products" (I aways think of Something About Mary) I have a naturally dirty mind. Before the show is over the hair style has flatten out. I am guessing that the clients are thinking, how long before this grows out long enough to put up? I loved the woman with hair down to her waist, who refused to let him cut it. Did he offer to put it up or braid it? Nope he walked off.
I am going to lay off this show for awhile cause I had a dream, that Stacy and Clinton took my Queen tee shirt and jeans away from me. Sent me off shopping in NYC in nothing but a cami and step ins. No shoes. They said they were too disgraceful to wear in public. God knows there is enough violence in NYC without me wandering around in my knickers!
I have learned from Big Love that I do not have the makings of a Sister-Wife. Bill Paxton has a great looking rump. (we have seen a lot of it)But it isn't good enough to put up with 2 other wives. Now three husbands might work out. They could be Brother-Husbands. Especially if you keep replacing them as the age :-P Nothing to do with sex of course. They could all roller skate around me, as the center of their world. And of course they would have to love each other and not get jealous. I could set them each up with their own Man Cave. Leave a schedule on the fridge telling them who's day it is. Yesssss this might have possibilities.
The series runs along the lines off all the past night time soaps. Good guys (none so far) bad guys, drama, sex, lies and stupidity. The same as Dallas with the extra of polygamy. Ladies in Utah, set these men straight

I am knitting. I love Grace's feet. Her feet are a bit wider then mine, so I can now knit patterns that I wanted to try but wouldn't work on my foot. Great feet Grace!


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Blogger Joan Says:

I just watched last night's penultimate ep of Big Love and was struck yet again how this show's writing simply takes my breath away sometimes. It is brilliant! Sweet yet heart-pounding. I recommended the sister-wife thing to my sister who would like a new relationship but needs her own house. ;-p I am way over Bill Paxton's butt tho'. Enough already. Barb's scenes with her mom were so poignant and I could feel how torn she was/is. I lost my mouthful of coffee when Ben's twins showed up at the door.;-0
Bring back Roman!

Very truly yours,

Blogger Frank the Reindeer Says:

Trying to block out Joan's comment. Big Love is my favorite show (or one of them at least) and the only downside about going back to college is no HBO (thus no Big Love). I do get intrigued by What Not to Wear. The British version is better. They are less mean and they really pick women who are so depressed they need change as opposed to people who don't dress the way others want them to. I can't decide if this is good or bad.

Don't you think Bill in Big Love is a bit selfish? Ugh. Oh, Margene. I like her best.

Blogger Lisa W. Says:

i totally got sucked in to Big Love when watching TV in a hotel bed (at a conference..getcher mind outta the gutter woman!) in...of all places....wait for it...SALT LAKE CITY UTAH......hahahahahaha...which then caused me to buy "Under the Banner of Heaven"...and visit the Mormon Tabernacle...just to try to understand it all....because of course TV programs are totally reflective of reality...right?

what not to wear...lots of good hints about finding the "right shape" of jeans/pants...nipped in waistline jackets...see all you really need for YOUR Queen/Def Leppard etc. T collection is a GREAT pair of jeans and a nifty fitted appropriate to your build length jean fitted jacket...oh, and a fab handknit scarf...and some awesome Converses :)

Blogger Grace Yaskovic Says:

I confess I too am a BIG LOVE addict, and am saddened only one more episode before a hiatus again. I am all for Brother-Husbands and the age deal, but I too would never make a good sister-wive, hell I can't even make a good sister-sister. I am extremely possessive of my man, its been 37 years and I could still scratch his ex girlfriends eyes out!!!! (PS I loathe and despise Alby and his wife---just like I am supposed to)
I am so glad my feet are a treat for someone!!!!

Blogger junior_goddess Says:

I HATE US "What Not To Wear". Stacy is a bitch. The British version is MUCH better-they attack the problem, and give the victim/subject an idea of what cut to buy when they aren't shopping on the high street. Can't wait to see what Tim Gunn's 'guide to style' is like. You just go ahead and wear your headbanging T

You are talking to a Top Chef fan-DH watches with me. Haven't seen Big Love, guess I gotta check it out.

Blogger Mary Says:

I like the later seasons' episodes of Knitty Gritty with the more interesting hosts, although some of the earlier ones are good, too.

I adore Big Love, but could never share a husband. I do like the idea of having brother-husbands, though. Wouldn't that be a kick?! One to take out the trash. One to mow the lawn. All of them to bring home the bacon. And my choice as to who gets to fry it up in my pan! ;-) Hee! They'd all be sexy (and straight) underwear models, of course, with only eyes for me. A girl can dream!

Blogger Heidi Says:

You're a very funny writer. I wish you'd post some more.


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