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Lost in a sea of yarn and needles. Lusting after handmade socks and all things lacy



Thanks for the kind remarks ladies.

Joan I usually knit the cuff of my sock to match the length of my foot. More or less. My heel flap is 2 1/2 inches so I make the leg around 7 inches. It could be an inch more or less. I like my socks to end before the calf. Just where the calf starts developing.
You could have picked up the stitches just below the cast on row. Cut the cast on row and then reknit it. Believe me, I hate doing ribbing so I have done all the cheats to get around doing it over again :-) Including putting in a life line after the ribbing is done. Just in case I hate the stitch pattern or it doesn't work out. I can frog back to the life line and NOT have to do the hated ribbing again. I am so lazy.

Lisa I am so glad to know I am not the only person to ditch the pattern. I think the trouble is it is too easy and is just boring after awhile. I nearly didn't finish the Nancy Bush Evening Stockings for the same reason. I saw someone else say that they got bored with the pattern too. So I felt like less of a looser. I mean Nancy Bush boring! Bite you tongue Suzann, just who do you think you are

Grace Do you really want to knit socks? Cause anyone who can create all that lacy goodness can knit anything. I saw a lace pattern sock that I think has your name on it.

Danielle I will email your for your mailing address. I have to go to the post office. And I will send you the pattern. It is a lovely yarn, but not for me.

Benne The yarn does look like cantaloupes. I feel better, but still tired mostly. I am knitting so that is good. I don't mind thick socks, I have a pair of old clogs that they fit in. But not everyone feels like that. This yarn is as thick as the socks I sent you.

Bets I hope you are not in the rain area. I have been thinking of you. If only all that rain could be redirected to the west cost. And we could use some too.

Sorry no pictures. My camera needs a charge. My daughter will be home from Alaska tomorrow. She asked for a pasta dinner. So I am making the sauce right now. I missed her. Even thought I kind of got use to not having all the settings on my computer changed.
Anyone want some tomatoes or zucchini? I asked for ONE zucchini plant and got 5, we are not hip deep in them. And you can't give them away for love or money :-)I tried leaving them on the neighbors doorstep in the middle of the night. But they were always back on mine in the morning :P


for this post

Blogger benne Says:

Hey kiddo, Thom planted zucchini too. He seems rather surprised that 5 plants get so big. He could have asked me, I would have told him. I'm going to be sending you zucchini in a couple of weeks. I'll send it the fastest way so it's still fresh when it arrives. HA! Wish it had been cantaloupes.

Blogger junior_goddess Says:

Hmmmmm-lasagna with zucchini grated in. Sounds good.

When the kids were little, I grated up zucchini and threw it into meatloaf. One of them was going thru a picky stage, and asked if the meatloaf had bones in it. (God only knows what she'd eaten at her mom's).

I said yes.

Blogger Lisa W. Says:

hey, what was your daughter doing in Alaska? where was she?

Blogger Grace Yaskovic Says:

OH No I have no desire to knit socks, I love getting them as gifts and will keep my lace abilities to shawls, sweaters, baby things, etc etc

Tom made some really good zucchini bread, I hope our friend gives us some more!!!

Blogger Joan Says:

Thanks Suzann! I went berserk and ended up frogging the ENTIRE SOCK. Don't ask. ;-p Have started over.


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