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Lost in a sea of yarn and needles. Lusting after handmade socks and all things lacy


Grace Is Great

Grace is GREAT, better then chocolate cake :-)
I sent Grace some yarn, which truthfully I was never going to use, and was glad it was going to a good home. In return, Grace surprised me with this.

This is like handing someone a bologna sandwich and they give you the keys to their Porche. It is beautiful, and warm and made with love. I have been waiting for someone to take a glamour shot of me holding the shawl open. No one seems to want to take my picture. And I really wanted to share this with the world. Is so so beautiful. I am shawl impaired. I have started SK's SunRay three times. It says more about how great Highland Wool is, then my talents as a knitter. The yarn is a lot less frazzled then I am.
Yesterday I had to go for a stress test. Due to the knee problem, it was a chemical test. I know only to well how freezing cold the hospital is. There are morgues that are warmer then the hospital. So I wore wooly socks and took my lovely shawl. I was toasty warm. And the shawl got lots of touches. People couldn't believe that a real live person knitted it. The technician that did part of the test kept coming back for another touch. She even dragged in the Radiologist in to touch it. Oh Grace I wish you could have been there.
You can see the stitches in this picture, but the color is off. It is more like Tranquil Lagoon

Thank you, hardly seems to cover this gift. I have to go back to the hospital for some more tests. And I will be wrapped up in my beautiful shawl. Even if it is August.
Thank you again Grace, your the greatest


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Blogger junior_goddess Says:

How nice, Suzann! Grace did a beautiful job, and her timing was immaculate. I really AM going to make Luna, it really IS pretty!

See, you are LUBBED!

Blogger Libby Says:

Suzann, what a great gift that is! It is simply stunning in that blue. Honestly, its gorgeous. Grace outdid herself this time!


Blogger Knitman Says:

Oh my, this is lovely.

Blogger Les Says:

Wow! That Sunray is just SOOO pretty! Lucky you!

Blogger Joan Says:

Gorgeous Luna and Grace truly IS great! (PS..ROFL at the bologna sandwich/Porche analogy!) And don't forget to thank that awesome lace blocker, Grace's Tommo, who did a cracking job blocking that beauty.
Enjoy Suzann!

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I'LL take your pic wearing the shawl, Suzann! Good luck on your tests.

Blogger Grace Yaskovic Says:

wow I am honored to be the subject of your post. I so appreciated the lovely yarn that became the Heartland Shawl and wanted to repay your kindness to me, I am so glad that you are enjoying your shawl --- I wish you good health and positive test results!!

Blogger benne Says:

What an absolutely wonderful thing for Grace to do, Suzann! It is stunning and I know you felt like you were wrapped in warm hugs at the hospital. This story makes me happy for both of you.

Blogger Lisa W. Says:

That Gracie; isn't she sumpin'! Gorgeous shawl and a well deserved gift for a great person! Hope those tests come out JUST FINE for you.

Blogger Jennifer Says:

Stunning! And wonderful job Grace--as always!

Blogger jayne Says:

How lovely, and how thoughtful. That will be just the comfort item you need when dealing with all the hospital crap.

How kind and generous of Grace.

Blogger smariek Says:

Gorgeous shawl, Grace did it again! Such a thoughtful and timely gift, I hope your test results were good.

Blogger Pennie Says:

That is beautiful . . . wish I had the patience to do something like that.

Blogger Cheryl Says:

What a beautiful shawl!

Anonymous Sharon Says:

The shawl is absolutely beautiful! Can you tell me the name of the pattern, where to buy it, and what type of yarn was used. Grace surely is a great friend to make you something so lovely.

Blogger Suzann Says:

Sharon the pattern is free at Elann.com It is the Luna Shawl pattern. Done in Elann Alpaca.
Just click free patterns at the top of the page and scroll down.
Grace does beautiful beautiful work. Check out her blog.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Hi Suzann - Thank you so much for getting back to me so fast. I definitely will try and make this shawl. This is the third try to post a response so hope you get this one.


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