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Lost in a sea of yarn and needles. Lusting after handmade socks and all things lacy


Wild and Crazy Sock Yarn

I got a notice from Astrids a few weeks ago intruducing this new Regia yarn. I looks like marbled paper. Quite different from the usual stripes and blobs. Tempted very tempted. Except so often these self patterning yarns don't work out for me. I buy a lot of Opal from Astrid. The shipping is high but the prices are low. And she has a really large selection
Regia Galaxy comes in a lot of colors. Most a bit more tame then this. When I first saw this, I thought BETS!!! It seems to have most of the colors she likes.

The test pattern sort of sock, might make a scarf. If some idiot hadn't put a short row heel near the top :-}
Thanks Marie for nominating me for the Rockin Girl Blogger. I love the picot edge. You go girl. I hope the move is going smoothly.

By Suzann
On Wednesday, August 15, 2007
At 8/15/2007 08:35:00 AM
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Blogger Grace Yaskovic Says:

I have to visit Astrids, many people in the Yahoo groups talk about that shop alot!!! Congrats on being a RockinGirl Blogger!!!!

Blogger Lisa W. Says:

hey if that colorway comes in brown/tan...it'd look just like a marbled rye! thanks for the tip a for ANOTHER place to find yarn...like i need more yarn...heaven help me.

Blogger Suzann Says:

LOL Lisa it does come in marble rye colors
You know Grace, we have 5 yarn shops and only one carries sock yarn. And not much choice there. So I cruise the online yarn shops.

Blogger junior_goddess Says:

I've been looking at Astrids-she carries Kauni. Her shipping might be high, but it's stated.

Blogger junior_goddess Says:

BTW-I can knit brown. And do. But I don't wear it. Or green.

Blogger Karin Says:

That does look very different from other self-pattern types. I'm allergic to "pooling" so I don't use them very often. I could be tempted by Astrid's though - I too, have heard a lot about her shop on the Yahoo! chats. Will Kauni become a new temptation for me... :)?

Blogger SooZ Says:

I'll pretend I never saw Astrid's product. *peeking* I have six socks on the needles and am wanting to get these done before I buy more yarnnnn! The marbling effect definitely caught my eye.

Blogger Svetlana Says:

Suzann I nominated you for Rocking girl too! You are my sock knitting hero!


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