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Lost in a sea of yarn and needles. Lusting after handmade socks and all things lacy


Socapalooza !!!

My swap partnerHeather out did herself. I am so excited. No one has ever knitted me socks. And these are beautiful socks. They fit perfectly
First the package. Just beautiful. I was afraid I would stab the socks. Pretty pretty. See those sweet round tins. One has beautiful stitch markers the other has a matching row counting bracelet. Heather must have known about my post it tick off the row method ;-)Also a package of note cards, knitting related. Did you make them Heather?

Rip...sorry I have no control here. Inside were these beautiful socks. Heather has done a very complex pattern. She has carried the pattern down the back of the leg to the heel. The yarn is RED, I love it. Very very soft. And they fit perfectly. Heather I envy your extremely tidy gusset decreases.

The pattern down the back of the leg and heel

Thank you so much Heather, I will think of you every time I wear them. I would have modeled them, except the heat index today was 110 and hotter tomorrow. As soon as we have some normal weather I will get my daughter to take some pictures :-)


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Blogger smariek Says:

Wow, you really scored! Those socks are gorgeous...

Blogger Grace Yaskovic Says:

That's a great gift, enjoy it all!!

Blogger Saida Says:

Hi sock pal!

So glad you like them - I had a lot of fun knitting them. I'm so relieved that they fit and that you like the color.

Blogger Lisa W. Says:

whoo hoo...hot sox...look out ...hot sox! beautiful! congrats on a great swap!

Blogger smariek Says:

BTW, I've nominated you for the Rockin Girl Blogger award. More info on my blog, http://smariek.blogspot.com/


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