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Lost in a sea of yarn and needles. Lusting after handmade socks and all things lacy


Ball Band Babes Unite

There have been a lot of snickers out in the Knitosphere about people who are addicted to knitting Ball Band washcloths. Pfft! I say. We are babes. We could cable if we wanted to, we could lace if the mood moved us. The snickering has driven some BBB to go underground. Now we can recognize each other. Ball Band earrings. You know you want to do it :-)
Size 0000 needles using sock yarn. I made two for each earring and fused them together. That way they look nice from each side. I need to make a run to Wally World to get the earring findings. Except my family has taken my car keys away from me. They feel I need intervention. I will escape, I will knit. I will be a BBB (ball band babe)
Band on sistas

By Suzann
On Friday, September 22, 2006
At 9/22/2006 08:50:00 AM
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Anonymous Kay Says:

You do need an intervention, and I mean that in the best possible way! xoxo Kay

Blogger Debbie Says:

You RULE!!!! Where did you find 000 needles?

Blogger junior_goddess Says:

Oh, how FUNNY! Git down wid your bad @ssed self!

Blogger Suzann Says:

LOL If the eyes hold up, they are going to my knitter friends. They could be hung off jump rings as stitch markers.
I like earrings better. I feel the need for some glitz
Debbie I got the needles from here
Scroll down, it is a set of sock knitting needles. I like them cause the each size is a different color. One of the needles is already curved. I must need some stress relief or something ;-)
They are only 000, not 0000 not even I am that mad.

Anonymous benne Says:

Suzann, you realize you have just knit a tiny warshrag, right??? Those are amazing! You go, girl!

Blogger Toni Says:

you go! I need some! if you put lever earring backs they could be stitch markers and earrings. I am going to have to try it. do you cast on like regular?

Blogger jayne Says:

What a hoot! Suzann, how did you ever come up with this?

Blogger MJ Says:

Love it!! And I like how you wanted them just right - 2 for each earring so the "good side" is always showing!! Awesome!!

Blogger Maggii Says:

how cool...love them!!


You are a Genius!
You could gift them to all your doll house friends as teensie dish cloths,if the size is right or rugs if too big!!!!!

Blogger Kel Says:

hahaha! Please, will you post a photo of the finished earrings? I MUST see! You are a Ball-Band-Goddess!


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