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Lost in a sea of yarn and needles. Lusting after handmade socks and all things lacy


Baby Gone Red

This is the back and front in the correct yarn. The blue was just for gauge swatches. It is a deep blue red, unlike the pictures.
All fine and dandy but I think I am going to have to frog the front. The neck opening is going to be too small. Especially since I want to add a hood. I am leaning toward frogging the whole thing and doing it in one piece up to the arms. Lazy, I am very lazy :)
Yarn is Dark Horse Fantasy using size 6 needles for the cables and 5 for the ribbing. It is supposed to be worsted weight, but I find it is a soft maybe light worsted that or I am a very loose knitter. I couldn't use the recommend size 8. It looked like lace

By Suzann
On Saturday, September 16, 2006
At 9/16/2006 03:03:00 PM
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Anonymous JessaLu Says:

Those are some very cool cables!

Blogger junior_goddess Says:

Oh, dear-

The frog pong already? BOOOO!

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Suzann, those cables are beautiful in red. Hate to think of you frogging, but I love to work one piece to the armholes. Hate seaming. ;-}

Blogger Bri McStan Says:

Ohhhhh, I like the red with those strong cables.

Blogger jayne Says:

Oh...it's lovely, Suzann. I don't get it. You say you are lazy, but you're going to pull it out and start over?? I can't bear it. Those beautiful cables. I'm closing my eyes. Can't look.

Blogger Suzann Says:

Thank you ladies, the neck opening is too small. I don't want to choke the kid. I think this will be even more of a problem with a hood.
Probably I will frog back to the neck opening and proceed from there. I just need to get my cable mojo back :-)

Blogger Danielle Says:

Your cables are amazing. You definitely have cable mojo working!!


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