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Lost in a sea of yarn and needles. Lusting after handmade socks and all things lacy


Elann Pinwheel Sweater

originally uploaded by Suzann.

The back so far. I am knitting it with some yarn I got from Ebay. http://stores.ebay.com/JOJOLAND-ONLINE, using a size 9 needle. The colors blend into one another. Each ball of yarn in the 10 I got is slightly different then it's fellow. Yet they all work together. The sweater is now as long as I would like, but not wide enough. I am thinking of turning the circle into an oval. Keeping the increases to the sides with the top and bottom sections on the same number of stitches. In other words, K 2tog, and then YO at the end of each section. This would maintain the swirl pattern, without the ends growing. Well the will of course grow slightly in length. I tried this idea out on some dishcloth cotton yarn and it works. The sides get wider at a faster rate then the top and bottom get longer.
If I do this pattern again, I will do the sleeves different. The method given in the pattern, causes the sleeve holes to stretch out of shape. That and the fact that you have YO at each end of the sleeve opening. I would stop the YO two rows before and after the sleeve placing. And I would do the sort of thing you do with Afterthought Heels. That is knit the number of stitches you want in a waste yarn. Drop the waste yarn and go on knitting. When you are ready to create the sleeves you pick out the stitches on the waste yarn, both sides and undo the waste part. Whenever I do any kind of provincial cast on, I always use a lifeline in the live stitches. Then when you unzip the waste yarn, no worry about your live stitches going south. I know lots of people can't be bothered with lifelines, but I can't be bothered chasing rogue stitches down my sweater or sock
Free pattern at http://secure.elann.com/ShowFreePattern.asp?Id=138024
A closeup of the yarn color variations



for this post

Blogger Tropic-Knitter Says:

Your pinwheel colors are so beautiful together. Looking forward to your comments on pattern modification.

Blogger Bri McStan Says:

OMG- Suzanne, Your sweater is totally breathing life into that pattern for me. You look fairly far along, so it shouldn't be too long until it's finished. What a gorgeous start!!

Blogger Suzann Says:

Thank you ladies. But the sleeves loom ahead. I think I am going to have to hunt up some more yarn. The seller will sell the yarn by the ball. And it really doesn't matter about dye lots (she says with a prayer) Either that or find another yarn to add to the mix. I used some Encore colormart for a few rows around the armhole. I am not sure how that would work out as sleeves. I thought of a solid color, but after a few swatches it looks too solid, if you know what I mean.
I didn't post a picture at Elann, cause it isn't there yarn and it seems a bit cheeky. And I am so busy watching the World cup, I just knit and watch. I think I have found my sport ;)

Blogger Kim Says:

Suzann, the sweater is darling. I hope to see it in person some day.

Blogger junior_goddess Says:

I am waiting for the sequel to this post-this sweater looks GOOD Suzann!


Blogger junior_goddess Says:

I am waiting for the sequel to this post-this sweater looks GOOD Suzann!


Blogger Suzann Says:

Thanks Bets, I am up to 400 stitches per round and it is going a bit slower. Now I remember why I knit socks :D

Anonymous benne Says:

Suzann, that is fabulous! Great colors. And you have been knitting like the wind. I plan to use your sleeve trick in the future. I don't knit socks - yet, but after looking at your socks, I do admit to temptation. :-}

Blogger Reluctant Penguin Says:

This is gorgeous! I hope your modifications work out -- it would be just too, too awful for it not to fit well.


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