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Lost in a sea of yarn and needles. Lusting after handmade socks and all things lacy


Pinwheel Pain

I am now at the area that has the garter stitches. Now I have discovered that I should have only been increasing every six rounds, not every other round. Oh joy. If I have to frog 20 something rounds, I will frog the whole thing.

The directions get a bit vague after that. Knit like the baby version, except. Adult version knit until you have 30 stitches per section, then create armhole. Which leaves a gaping hole that gets more saggy as the jacket gets bigger. Solution, knit 30 stitches with waste yarn, purl back 30 stitches. Drop waste yarn and continue with jacket yarn, knitting in the stitches created with the waste yarn. You come back later and pick up those stitches and remove the waste yarn. But the jacket stays whole until then. Or you could just knit is round no armholes. When done measure the distance between your arms, pick up the stitches and then cut the yarn.
Continue knitting until you get to 42 stitches in each section. I missed this, and that is my fault not the designer. But the directions are shotgunned all over the page. Between the kiddie version and the adult version. You should start the garter part of the jacket. And

Purl 1 round.
Knit 1 round. Repeat these last 2 rounds 3 times. On the last knit round increase 1 st. every section by knitting into the front and the back of one stitch. Repeat these 6 rounds maintaining the colour change every 18th round. Repeat this pattern until the desired size. The sample sweater has 126 rounds and 7 colours.

Stupid me, didn't do the math. A increase one stitch every 6 rounds would have been helpful. But as I said this is my fault. So now I am at row 62 and have increased every other round.
I am not sure what I am going to do yet. I am angry at myself for not paying better attention.
I have been reading the Pinwheel KAL and apparently I am not the only confused ducky out there.
Nor is this the only Elann pattern that has caused eager knitters to go a bit mad.
I am going to watch Italy play. With any luck they will win and race around with their jerseys off. Hey you need to find your fun where you can. Today it is not in my knitting


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Blogger CozyStitches Says:

Big hugs to you....I'm heading to the pond myself. My armholes (yes, I know they're armcycles) are too small for my beefy arms...going to do your "afterthought sleeves, hopefully that'll work better...

Any suggestions on increases if using a Spot/Dot stich rather than the wretched garter? ;)


Blogger Suzann Says:

Hi Tammy
I just heard from the designer and the reason for the increase every 6 rows is to keep the jacket. Makes perfect sense. Although I tried it on yesterday and it just about goes around me. Never mind ruffles.
The garter stitch isn't bad. I just reverse and knit on the other side. Knit to the end of the row, do a wrap stitch. Reverse the work, slip the stitch with the yarn attached to it and knit on the wrong side. The wrap stitch isn't perfect, but it is better then purling 400 stitches.
Good luck with your frogging.Remember the wool will stretch, so you don't want the arm area to be too big. I did mine on row 36 because I wanted the back to be a bit wider

Blogger CozyStitches Says:

Thanks Suzann...I know about wool stretching, but in this case I'd rather the arms be a bit too big...

Hrm...so to keep it a jacket type look you'll still do the increases every 6. I just wonder as I don't think Spot Stitch is as horizontally elastic as Garter (oohh, big words for this sleep deprived mama).. :P However, your reverse knit sounds much better. I'm not a fan of purling 400+ stitches..

Blogger CozyStitches Says:

Forgot to add, you can see pics at my xanga site: http://www.xanga.com/cozystitches

Blogger Suzann Says:

I feel your pain Tammy. Your yarn is beautiful. But frogging is the pits.
Just a thought, but could you frog the sleeves and make the hole larger? Pick up the stitches with a needle and some yarn and then, just eek cut it open. Sort of like a steek.

Thanks for the kind comments

I tried to post in your blog, but it wants me to open an account.

Blogger Kim Says:

I know it will be gorgeous when it is done. Amazing how something that looks so easy can really be so hard.

Blogger CozyStitches Says:

Hey Suzann,

Steeks freak me out. The thought of putting scissors to my beautiful Kona (mm...I love Kona yarn) or to any of my knitting makes me swoon.. ;)
But it's too late anyway. ;) I've frogged all the way back to 29sts in each section, and have now reknit. I'm now on 38sts in each round, and have used your afterthought sleeves on 35. :D


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