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Lost in a sea of yarn and needles. Lusting after handmade socks and all things lacy


Colorworks The New Lace?

Remember 2004/2005? Summer of Lace. When everyone went lace mad. Lace patterns sold like mad. Lace was da thing. I have been sniffing a new tread. Colorworks. Of course it has been around forever. But with Wendy, Harlot, Eunny and now Grumperina turning out new colorworks, will Fair Isle, Norwegian etc be taking the place of lace in KAL/Blogland? Will it become the new ME TOO marathon?
I have to admit, I fell hard for the lace-go-round. Why I have no idea. I am not a lacy person. And I am way to uncoordinated to wear a shawl. Last time I tried that, I caught my heel in the edge and took a header. As my Dad use to say "All the class of a duck" :-) I have tried some stranded colorworks. But the fabric produced is so thick, I doubt we would ever have weather cold enough to wear it. I could see some nifty fingerless gloves, maybe a hat. My daughter wants that pirate hat. I am trying to wait it out.
Human nature being what it is, I fully expect to see Lion Brand coming out with Color pattens for bulky acrylic yarn.
Have you been seriously bitten by the colorworks yet?
disclaimer I know lots of you already do wonderful colorworks. Y'all just wander off and consider the future Lion Brand patterns :-P

My husband has been home for eleven days of holiday whatever. And while I admire Gerald Ford, I do not appreciate another day of enforced productivity. I was so looking forward to a quiet house and some serious knitting time. This might account for the cranky posts :-)

By Suzann
On Tuesday, January 02, 2007
At 1/02/2007 10:11:00 AM
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Blogger jayne Says:

Great posts, Suzann, I've enjoyed them. I left a comment on your weird stuff one.

I like your attitude about stash. If you think about it, of course it would be a treasure trove 'cuz we buy the good stuff. I don't know why charity always gets the bad stuff. They should really get the best stuff, and who ever wants to knit with uggo yarn anyway. The washability factor is part of it, I guess, but I don't think homeless people do much laundry, and who better for alpaca than someone who lives outdoors a lot of the time?

I love colours!!! Not so sure about fairisle etc. yet, but give me stripes stripes stripes!

Blogger Grace Yaskovic Says:

I too am looking forward to tomorrow and I hope several hours of total Grace time, all alone to catch up and remember what I like to think about and what I want to feel about!!!! Not cranky at all Suzann ---i totally get it

Blogger Suzann Says:

I understand that cost can be a big consideration when choosing yarn for charity knitting. For US stuff, it should can be acrylic or super wash. But for the kind of knitting I am doing, warmth is the most important thing. And that isn't acrylic. A lot of people assume that wool is expensive. But if you do the how much per yard test, often you can find wool yarn at a lower cost then acrylic yarns.
Then there are the yarns that have turned up after 35 yrs in someones closet.
There is sometimes an attitude that you are poor, and I am being good enough to knit for you. So you will take what I give, and damn well like it
Your stripes are great. I am not good at picking out colors. I think it goes with being tone deaf :-)
I am with you Grace. If I don't get some quiet time, I think I will go mad.

Blogger junior_goddess Says:

I'm not impressed by amazing colorwork at 7 spi. Who the hell wants to knit a body sized sock? Not me. 'member the Elizabethan garment book by AS and daughter Jade? You can make anything look good if you are working in pixel size, but I don't want to work on one project all year.

And the Rowan "that's a jacked-up way to knit"? Keep that stuff too.

I like colorwork. I like color.

All this is happening because knitters are getting better.

Anonymous benne Says:

I didn't fall into the lace knitting binge, I've always knitted lace in some form but I sure do enjoy the amount of new patterns out there. I'm a shawl person, so it's fun to think I will actually knit them. Or is that called delusional? ;-} I like to look at colorwork but I'm not likely to do any. I just don't like knitting it.

I'm with you on the solitude thing. I somehow acquired people and pets for a while. The need for solitude makes me crankier than ever and that's a scary thing!

Blogger Marguerite Says:

If I don't get some time for myself everyday I get very very cranky. And, if it happens too many days in a row I go completely bonkers.

Although I reserve the right to change my mind, I'll happily admire everyone else's colorwork and skip doing it myself.


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