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Lost in a sea of yarn and needles. Lusting after handmade socks and all things lacy


My Stash is a Treasuer Chest

I wish all my friends and peaceful and healthy New Year. Some other things I wish for all my fellow knitters

1: The will power to resist the urge to jump up and down yelling "Me too, Me too" when an A list blogger says they are going to do something. It seems there are a lot of sheep out in the blogosphere. baaah baaah baaah
This is not to say that you shouldn't consider any ideas out there, but cut out the knee jerk reactions. Ideas aren't all that much clever because and A-lister proposed them. I read Yahoo knitting lists where wars have broken out over the "Yarn Diet"

2: The stash. Knit it up for Charity. Yes I know it is Elizabeth Laviod silky wool and it cost a fortune, but then you noticed that lime green isn't your color and you live in Florida. So it sits in a box making you feel guilty. Cause you know it isn't ever going to get used. Unless your complexion or location changes drastically. Knit up a lovely sweater for some kid in Russia or Mongolia. Make their life sweeter. Usually these kids get the cheap end of wooly goodness. Imagine how this child will feel when they put on this lovely sweater and feel it's soft perfection. Give from the heart. You will feel better about your stash. See that lime green yarn wasn't a mistake it was a good deed in the making.
Got tons of sock yarn, then decided that knitting on size 0 needles was just not your bag? Double it up and knit a pair of warm socks for some kid with bare feet. Or add the sock yarn to some worsted weight yarn for a bit of flare. Can you imagine some kid in Mongolia admiring their new and beautiful and warm socks? Look at the smile on that face. Warm feet and warm heart, what could be better
By now your stash is no longer a burden, but a treasure chest. Give it a try
So here is my New Years resolution, I am going to knit up the "good stuff" for the kids. The Jo Sharpe Silkroad Aran, and Silkroad tweed, the cashmere and silk and whatever else is hiding in that closet. I bought the yarn cause I loved the colors and the hand. But reflection tells me the climate here is too warm for most of it. And I am lazy. I know if I have to hand wash etc the thing will never get used.
I am so glad I bought those yarns. Because now I will get as the Chinese say Double Happiness. The happiness of knitting quality yarn and the happiness of sharing it

Y'all probably already know about these, but in case you have missed them





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Blogger junior_goddess Says:

Baaa-Baaa-ROFLMAO. I don't read a lot of blogs besides the Elannites-just Franklin. I don't visit KR very often. So I don't know what the hell is going on in knitting land! Um-can you tell?? 8-P

I consider DD knitting as charity knitting. Most of the time I knit for other people, so hell what's a few more??

Happy New Year!

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

New Year's resolutions which I can stick to! Have a Happy New Year!

Anonymous benne Says:

I'm not on a yarn diet - I am knitting from my stash, which is no diet, it's a feast! Yarn Ranger rides again until Ann draws me in with something special. ;-} I bought a book for children and babies with your idea in mind a few months ago. Give the babes the good stuff! :-} Knitting for charity is something I've always done, like many other knitters. I think there is a calling there that says to someone "you matter."

Blogger Marguerite Says:

I so agree with your post.

Knitting for the older CIC kids we have a chance to product something beautiful that they are allowed to take with them when they leave the orphan home.

I'm looking forward to knitting some special things to send in knowing they need the sweaters so much more than I do.


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