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Lost in a sea of yarn and needles. Lusting after handmade socks and all things lacy


Merry Christmas To All

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings to all my wonderful friends
We are having a rather warm holiday. I suspect that the poor people stuck in Denver would like a bit of warmth sent their way. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. Safe travels and finds joy whatever and wherever they are celebrating.
From my home to yours

Peace and health for the coming year. May your stash increase while your waistline decreases. May everything you knit be a perfect fit. And may your knitting continue to bring smiles to your mind and heart

By Suzann
On Sunday, December 24, 2006
At 12/24/2006 08:18:00 PM
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Blogger CatBookMom Says:

Your house is so pretty! I love the traditional look and the restrained decorations. (I won't start on folks with 97-dozen yarn ornaments.) Thanks for the holiday wishes, and we send them back to you.

Blogger Grace Yaskovic Says:

perfectly gorgeous home decor!!! I love it, Merry Christmas!

Blogger jayne Says:

What a beautiful home you have. Hope you had a good holiday too!

Blogger junior_goddess Says:

Hey, come visit my blog, I tagged you for a meme! Don't throw that wreath at me!

Blogger Suzann Says:

Hope all of you had a wonderful holiday. It is only restrained because there is no outside outlet. The lights have to be wired into the light over the garage. I am restrained by a lack of access :-)
Thanks I will tell my restraining other half :-)


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