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Lost in a sea of yarn and needles. Lusting after handmade socks and all things lacy


Damned for Eternity

Do you know what happens to people who sign up for gift exchanges and then promptly forget all about it? Do you? Do you know which circle of hell they are assigned to? Apparently I signed up for the Elann gift exchange then promptly forgot I had signed up, and went on my merry way. And now I have to break the news to the saintly T that I am in effect gift less. No cute boxes with cute key chains will be wending their way from my house to hers. Damned I am. As punishment I will spend the rest of the winter wearing one of these. It was this or having FOOL branded on my forehead. And there is no point in stating the obvious is there

They will snicker at Wal-Marts and guffaw at the yarn shops, foollllllllll will echo around behind me all winter

This wild pattern is from a great new online knitting mag


Their motto is "You're Going to Die Anyway, So You Might as Well Knit"
Love it, and I love their Goth Girl attitude
I am off to email T with my news and I hope she won't kick me between the eyes

By Suzann
On Friday, November 03, 2006
At 11/03/2006 11:29:00 AM
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Blogger Bri McStan Says:

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of AntiCraft. I like it already!

Blogger junior_goddess Says:

Um, I think it's an orchestra seat, Suzann. Next to someone (TWO someones) with BO.

Man, you are only foolish because you are missing out! But I know you feel like poop, so you gotta have your priorities.

Blogger Lisa W. Says:

anticraft is fun. thanks for pointing the way.

Blogger jayne Says:

Thanks for Anti-craft. What fun! I might have to make one of those horned hats...just because!

I think you can let up on yourself about the HUGe thing. We'll miss you, but it will be fine. :)

Anonymous T Says:

I would just like to go on record as saying that, when I found out, there were no voodoo dolls involved...

Anonymous benne Says:

Okay, Suzann, you are officially released from hell and are sentenced to purgatory for one day. I do think one of those hats would be kickin' on you though. ;-}

Blogger Karin Says:

Wow! Thanks for the AntiCraft link - love the attitude! The hat however... I don't think anyone would make you wear it but I can start a list of people who should have it crazy-glued to their head!

Blogger Suzann Says:

LOL my daughter says that all middle school teachers (like her) should have one of those hats. If she wants one she can knit it herself.
I made her the devil hat from SnB.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

That is one freaky picture!


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