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Lost in a sea of yarn and needles. Lusting after handmade socks and all things lacy


Tweedy goodness

Trekking XXL Tweed yarn. I bought this last year and it has been vacationing in my stash.
I finished Dawn's Wickerwork socks and when I get them back I will take a picture. This pair was supposed to be for moi. But then she kept fingering the yarn and sighing over the rich autumn colors. The pattern is a plain foot with a simple pattern on the cuff. When you are knitting for a size 12 foot there is a lot of foot to knit :-) At 13 rows to the inch, it is going to be awhile till I get to the fun part.
This toe up is created by knitting a rectangle and then increasing out till you have the correct number of stitches. Which works for me as I am short row impaired.
I have been really tired lately. And not because I have been doing anything. This is related to my heart problems. I am seeing my doctor next week. I already take so many medications, I really don't want anymore. When I was first diagnosed the doctors said if they couldn't stop my heart from growing, 2 to 3 years. If they could then pretty much a normal life span. And they did manage to stop it growing for a year or so. But last year it started increasing again. Shake up the meds and another stent. It is stopped again. But the whole thing makes you want to clean out your undies drawer so no one else has to do it :-)

If you like Pete's Pond, try this one. Also from Africa, I think Joan mentioned it in the comments
AricaCam It is a watering hole at a resort in Africa. The water area is less but the picture quality is great. You can't screen cap the pictures, unless you subscribe to their service.
I think Pete's Pond probably has a greater variety of animals showing up. Yesterday there was a lion lurking about. Everything got deadly still. I was too shocked to capture a picture. The camera is operated by volunteers and has not been all that great this season. Here is a LION and the camera operator zooms in on a tree. The camera operator (whoever he/she is) has been nicknamed Botswana Bob
Have fun

By Suzann
On Thursday, November 02, 2006
At 11/02/2006 08:15:00 AM
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Blogger jayne Says:

Tweedy goodness works for me -- nice yarn. When do I get a pair of socks?? (When you make one, Jayne, lol).

Sorry to hear about your heart problems. I have never heard of a "growing" heart condition. I enjoy your perspective on life, in spite of everything. Keep on keeping on...

Blogger junior_goddess Says:

Suzann-I really like your template and new layout. Very nice.

If there's something I can send you to make you feel one tiny iota better, speak up. Let me know if I need to send another candle your way.


Blogger Suzann Says:

You could send me any spare brains you have. Seems I am getting senile.
I'm ok. Just tired. It comes in waves, sorta like morning sickness. :-)
I loved the candles you sent me. I don't get to burn them as often as I would like. My computer is in the room over the garage and I burn them when I am up here online. Hubbo who does the painting, has a anti candle thing.
Jayne I have congestive heart failure, in my case a virus is attacking the heart itself. As the heart enlarges it becomes flabby and doesn't pump as well. I refuse to die of a flabby heart. T, is going to kill me before the heart thing does.


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