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Lost in a sea of yarn and needles. Lusting after handmade socks and all things lacy


A little vacation

I was turning the heel on Dawn's sock and watching this.
Petes Pond
Live web cam from Botswana Africa. If you are sick of mid term elections or just tired, give it a try. The whole while the Elephants were milling around in the water, a Nile Crocodile (aka Fatty) was eying them longly. Lots of baby Elephants today. They were at the pond drinking and taking mud baths for a good hour. This year they have had a lot of camera trouble, but it is well worth the trouble of checking in once in awhile. And kids would love seeing the animals live.

By Suzann
On Friday, October 27, 2006
At 10/27/2006 01:31:00 PM
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Anonymous benne Says:

Oh, I love elephants. They strike a chord deep in my heart - thanks for the link. I'd much rather watch these elephants than the elephants and asses that are on TV. ;-}

Blogger jayne Says:

Hey, you've made some funky changes to your blog! Is this Beta? Impressive...Can't summon the energy to do anything fancy to my blog these days. Plain 'ol Jayne will have to suffice.

Thanks for the link to Pete's Pond. I could use some pond-watching time. I adore elephants. They are such dear creatures.

Blogger Jknits Says:

I wanted to introduce myself - I'm next to you on the Knitters Review ring. I love your site. Your lace is beautiful.

Blogger Bri McStan Says:

Oh, how cool. What a great link. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to watch them while I write my term paper today!

Blogger Vamanta Says:

Years ago, I used to sit at my desk at work & watch a similar live cam from Africa called Africam from a wild nature reserve. It was so cool and I almost had forgotten about it. I always kept it on in the background in case some animals showed up at the water holes. LOL.


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