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Lost in a sea of yarn and needles. Lusting after handmade socks and all things lacy


Done Baby Done

Done and done. The pattern was a dream to work. The yarn super soft. The color is too intense in this picture. It is an icy blue. The yarn a superwash merino is really too soft and stretchy for socks, at least in this pattern. I think I will save the rest of superwash for scarves and such. Even though the socks are machine washed and dried, the socks began to spread quickly as I walked around in them. They didn't wrinkle under foot, but they were much larger after an hour on the foot. Still I like them and will wear them. I am beginning to think that while you can makes socks from any yarn you wish, when you use non sock yarn the results may not be as planned. The socks I started using the Little Leaf pattern are being worked in non sock fingering weight yarn. The yarn is lovely but is much too stretchy for the pattern. I think I will frog this and try the pattern is a regular sock yarn. Live and learn troops. I have just charted the Yukon Leaves pattern. I find it easier to work from a chart. I am now the proud owner of some knitting symbol fonts. So in future my charts should look more normal.Posted by Picasa

By Suzann
On Wednesday, March 29, 2006
At 3/29/2006 09:27:00 PM
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Blogger Larjmarj Says:

JUST gorgeous! I am a leaf motif freak. My house looks like a forest! Where is the pattern available, Online I hope .... Marj

Blogger Suzann Says:

Thank you :)
Interweave Knits Winter 2005. Have you seen the Yukon Leaves pattern? It is online
I charted that one, because the pattern is all text.
I think it must be spring, cause I am feeling really leafy :D

There is also the Cascadeing Leaves pattern from Jean Townsend. You need to join the Yahoo group, but the pattern is free and very pretty
Thanks for the comment

Blogger Alice Says:

well done, they came out lovely, I'm going to do some for my mum soon that pattern does read like it be so good

Blogger Jessica Says:

I love your socks! Thanks for the advice on the knitter's review website, I joined the yahoo group and look forward to making socks.

I am pretty sure I'll never be as advanced as to make the socks you did! They truly are beautiful! I love the pattern too.
Jessica Y.

Blogger Steph Says:

These are beautiful! Lovely color.

Blogger Emma Says:

So beautiful! hee hee, I just printed the Yukon Leaves and am actually working on a pair of Cascading Leaves. I must be a leaf motif freak too.

Blogger brooks Says:

Wow, those sure are purty! :)


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